Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bark Box #2

Another Bark Box came today. Jedi and I are very excited about it. Want to know what's inside?

The first thing I saw was a bright purple eggplant. It turned out to be an Orbee-Tuff toy from Planet Dog. I've been looking at Planet Dog toys for a while now and am excited to finally see if they are as awesome as I've heard. The eggplant had a quarter-sized hole (they called it a "treat spot") in the top so I smeared a little cream cheese inside and dropped in a couple milk bones. 20 minutes later Jedi was still chewing on it. Good sign!

There was also a BeHAMoth smoked pork bone from Lucky Dog. Jedi will be getting this tomorrow during Game of Thrones! The bone says that it's 100% natural and made in the USA. Let's see if Jedi likes it. (I'm laughing out loud because if piggy Jedi can put it in his mouth, he'll like it.)

There was a bag of Grill-icious beef and sweet potato treats. This one also claims to be 100% natural and made in the USA. Jedi and Roxy approve, though I think they stink.

The last thing in the box was a pack of Bocce's Bakery Green Juice biscuits. They are made from spinach, kale, apples, spirulina, mint and flax seeds. They're bite-sized and smell much better than the Grill-icious treats. Jedi ate them up as well. But honestly, he'll eat anything. Roxy turned her nose up at them.

We're having a lot of fun with these Bark Boxes. It's like Christmas every month! Want one of your own? Click here and get $5 off! -- K