Friday, September 27, 2013

Here We Go Again

I'm writing this on the go. Sorry in advance for any typos. Sometimes my smart phone ain't so smart. (Or, more likely, my fat fingers aren't as nimble as I'd like.)

Hubby, Jedi and I are on our way to Ocala for the Jacksonville Dog Fanciers Association shows. I'm rethinking the decision to enter back-to-back shows. I wanted to work on stacking, pacing and baiting between the last show and this one and I haven't done a damn thing. It doesn't help that my new partner started this past week. I'm grateful to have him and I think he'll do well, but training someone to do my job -- while I'm actually doing my job -- is a lot of work. Throw in all the last minute projects my boss (and my boss's boss) want completed before the end of the fiscal year (TUESDAY!) and I have no time or energy left for myself.

I was able to shop, pack and iron my clothes. That helps. And this morning I washed and blew out the dog by myself. We found a folding cart on sale at Harbor Freight that we hope will make things easier. Unfortunately, Jedi started limping again just before we left. I'm hoping it'll stop by morning. I can't show a lame dog! 

There are 8 dogs showing this weekend, one of them a gorgeous 11 month old puppy bred by my GSD Club president. I'm nervous. I'll post our results when I get home. But if you're near The Greater Ocala Dog Club Show Grounds, stop by and say hi. We'll be in Ring 8 at 1:45 on Saturday and in Ring 7 at 12:45 on Sunday. We could use a friendly face. Wish us luck! -- K

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