Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who's Limping Now?

Chili (Jedi's brother) still high after surgery. Poor Puppy!
I was so worried about the possibility of Jedi being lame at the upcoming shows that I never thought of myself. I probably should have. I've been walking Jedi and working him through his paces without thinking. Yesterday morning I could hardly walk. And today wasn't much better. I went to the doctor this morning to discover that I have trochanteric bursitis. Great! The doctor gave me some steroids and pain meds. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow. I just need to be good enough to run around the ring for a few minutes. Cross your fingers.
Fortunately, Jedi's limping has stopped completely. I would bet that it was something benign. We're keeping an eye on him and are looking for another vet. I cancelled his UF appointment, but will definitely get a second opinion (and x-rays) should the limping return.
Yesterday I went to University of Florida's Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville with the Breeders and a few dogs. They wanted to have Jedi's sister (Pinky) and half brother (Trump) looked at. Pinky's been limping off and on for a while, always on the same leg. And Trump had a bad elbow diagnosis from the OFA and Breeders wanted a second opinion before removing him from the breeding pool. Jedi's other brother, Chili, had horrendous breath and the Breeders wanted to get that checked out as well. (It ended up being a stick jammed between two teeth in the back of his mouth. Go figure!) I went along as a third set of hands, but I was limping so badly that I don't think I was much help.

I was really impressed with the hospital. It rivals any human hospital I've ever been to. It's a teaching hospital so several people look at your pet, providing a built in second opinion. There are also specialists on hand and all the equipment you can imagine. Need x-rays or a CT scan? Need cultures or blood work? It's all done right there. It's awesome, but definitely not cheap!
OK, I need to cut this short. It's already 10 PM and I am not ready for tomorrow -- the BIG day. Meet me back here in a couple days and I'll share pictures and stories of our very first dog shows. -- K

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