Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Now?!

I've received entry confirmation for the first two shows we entered. We're good to go there. But now we've got another problem: Jedi is favoring his right front leg. It started out as a slight limp on Tuesday and has gotten significantly worse over the past 48 hours. He doesn't show any pain in his shoulder or elbow, but the pads of the foot seem to be tender. What's frustrating is that I can't see anything. Nor can I get him to calm down and relax for a little bit. He wants to run and play and annoy Roxy. And did I mention that our first show is in two weeks?! I may be a newbie, but even I know that lameness is a disqualification. We have an appointment with the vet this afternoon. Cross your fingers that its something simple. And quick healing. And not too expensive. Lord knows I'm already spending a fortune this month. Showing dogs is not for the frugal! I hope to come back with good news soon. -- K

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