Friday, December 13, 2013

Bake a Bone

I tried out my new Bake a Bone and it was pawsome awesome! I added water to the bacon flavored mix (throwing in a handful of real bacon bits for added flavor) and followed the directions. Easy peasy. They came out just like the picture too, which never happens for me. Jedi approved of the taste. Even picky Roxy liked them. My sole complaint would be that you can only make 4 bones at a time. A full box mix makes 24 bones and it takes 10 minutes for each batch to cook, so it can take an hour to cook them all. I had no idea what I would do with two dozen bones (much to Jedi's dismay) so I saved half the mix for later. The cooker also came with a recipe book which we'll explore later.

Was it worth $20? Sure. I had fun. Dogs like it. And I've wasted more time and money on worse crap. If you want one too, take a look at the "as seen on TV" section of Walmart or Walgreens. I'm sure you can find it cheaper than what they're going for online.

So, what kind of crap have you wasted time/money on lately? Inquiring minds want to know. -- K