Friday, December 20, 2013

Jedi's Favorite Things

Looking for a present for the dog in your life? There are an overwhelming number of choices out there. Unfortunately, not all of them are as good as they sound. Jessica over at Beagles and Bargains had a great idea: Why not ask pet bloggers to share their favorites? Jedi, Roxy and I are happy to help out! Here are a few that get 4 paws up at our house.

DISCLAIMER: All links are to for your convenience. I don't have any affiliation with, so if you choose to buy elsewhere it won't hurt my feelings one bit. Also, I have no affiliation with any of the products listed and have received no compensation for my reviews. This is just me sharing my opinions, regardless of who cares what I think (as usual).

  • Kyjen Hide-a-Squirrel. This is a hollow, semi-rigid plush stump with three squeaky squirrels that fit inside. I'll stuff the squirrels in tight, sometimes tucking a couple training treats in as well, and let Jedi pull everything out. He loves playing with this toy. I often find him chewing a squirrel or tossing the stump around. Kyjen makes this in several sizes and even sells replacement squirrels.

  • IQ Treat Ball. This 5" hard plastic ball has a hole at the top and a plastic divider inside with a hole in it as well. You put food in it (I use regular kibble) and the dog has to bat it around to get the food out. Sounds simple? It is. Surprisingly, it'll entertain Jedi for half an hour.

  • Red Barn Smoked Knuckle Bone. Jedi loves these. I have to hide them on the top shelf when it's not approved chewing time, else he'll find it and chew anyway -- plastic wrapper and all. Jedi only gets bones when I really need a block of uninterrupted time (like on Game of Thrones nights or GSD Club Newsletter final edits). I like that Red Barn  bones are made in the USA, especially with the all the "made in China" scares lately. 
  • Laser Pointer. This is Roxy's third favorite thing in the whole world, just behind Son #2 and car rides. (For reference, I think the laser pointer is followed on her favorites list by Hubby, cheeseburgers, belly rubs, chasing cats and then me.) Roxy has trained every house guest where to find the laser pointer and she will chase the red dot up and down the hall until you get tired. The picture is of a Kong pointer, but honestly the brand doesn't matter. We usually pick one up in the check out line at Walmart for less than $4.
  • I know that technically this isn't for the dog, but I wanted to include it. When you have two German shepherds blowing their coats  -- like mine are right now -- the FURminator Deshedding Tool is worth every penny. I LOVE this thing! I recommend spending the extra $5 to get the model with the ejector button.
  • And another product that's more for you than the dog is Nature's Miracle. This is the best stain and odor remover I have ever used. DO NOT buy anything else, no matter how much cheaper it is.
Hope this helps make your holiday shopping a little easier. Click below to see what goodies others have to share! Note: This link doesn't close until New Year's Eve, so come back later if you need ideas on how to spend your Christmas money. -- K