Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Truck is Making Me Sick

A few days back I posted that my work truck was making me sick. My old hand-me-down truck died and my new hand-me-down truck isn't coming for another three months. Animal Control has to have a truck -- but not a new truck -- so the City gave me the lifeguards' old truck (they're getting a new one this fiscal year -- don't ask). Looking back, I realized I had left work early several times in the past few weeks, thinking it was migraines or allergies. However, I went home nearly every day feeling sick and had passed up Wednesday night conformation classes and girlfriend get-togethers. Last week I posted on Facebook:

I think there's something wrong with my work truck. Three weeks ago my real truck broke and I was given the lifeguards' old truck. Everyday I go home with a splitting headache and I'm sick to my stomach. I don't feel like my normal self until after 10 or so every night. However, I was fine on the days that this truck was down and I had to use a loaner vehicle. The mechanics don't believe me and say the truck is "fine." I'm tired of throwing up after work everyday. Any ideas? 

All my friends and family immediately screamed "carbon monoxide poisoning!" I felt dumb not making the connection (in my defense, I had a really bad headache) and vowed to take the truck back the following day. I did. I explained my symptoms and asked them to check for carbon monoxide. The City doesn't have a carbon monoxide detector (???) so the mechanic got on a creeper, rolled under the truck and said he didn't see anything. Boss said "Maybe it's mold" -- like that's better! -- and gave me petty cash to buy a couple containers of Damp Rid (how that would combat mold is beyond me). Meanwhile, I drove the with both windows down for the rest of my work week, despite the 50 degree weather and not being able to hear the dispatcher on the radio.

I went back to work on Monday after a wonderful nausea-free four day weekend with a carbon monoxide detector in hand. I closed the truck up tight and ran it for 30 minutes with the detector inside. No alarm. (Big surprise!) And the Damp Rid was bone dry (not a surprise). So now we're back to square one. I have no idea what's making me sick, but I don't like it. Any ideas? -- K

P.S. If I drive with the windows down I only get a mild headache. Thankfully I'm in Florida, so the temps are agreeable. No if only we can keep it from raining . . . .