Friday, August 7, 2015

8 Photos of Happiness

Last week I was challenged by the crew from DZ's Adventures to share 8 Photos of Happiness. This is the brainchild of Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet and has spread across the internet like fleas in a boarding kennel.

This project got me thinking. What does make me happy? Truth is, lots of things make me happy: friends, family, spicy food, grown-up game nights, live music, sharing a good bottle of wine, strolling through the zoo, babies laughing, hiking in the woods and watching the sunset to name a few. But, this is Kelley Dog Blog so I'll keep it dog related. Here are the eight photos that I chose.

1.  Dogs have always made me happy. Here's a picture of me with my first dog, Eli. He taught me the true meaning of loyalty and friendship. I think this was taken somewhere around 1978 (hence the outfit).

2.  Puppies make me happy. This was Jedi's first bath, at about three months old. Obviously he was not as happy about it as I was.

3.  Working with my dogs makes me happy. Here's a picture of me and Jedi at handling class. In case you can't read it, the t-shirt says "My Dog Makes Me Happy. You, Not So Much."

4.  Hanging out with my dogs makes me happy. I love this picture of Roxy, me and Jedi at the beach. A big thanks to JLyn, the friend who took it!

5.  Being silly makes me happy. For Star Wars Day (May the 4th) I dressed Jedi as Yoda, the ultimate jedi master. I thought it was hysterical. Jedi thought I should fork over more Pupperoni.

6.  Goofy dogs make me happy. Roxy was wearing the Cone of Shame because she chewed out her spay stitches. It didn't slow her down though; she still wanted to play ball. Her goofy smile always makes me smile.

7.  Happy dogs make me happy. Pepper is no longer with us, but she was a happy dog. She always wanted to be with her people. She didn't care what we did as long as we were together. Sometimes we'd get bored and dress her up in Hubby's clothes. 

8.  Making my dogs happy makes me happy. Logan loved squeaky toys more than any dog I've ever known. Nothing made him happier than lying in the yard and chewing on a squeaky. He'd wear one out and we'd buy two more. He probably had 200 squeaky toys in the seven years he was with us.

Now for the rest of the challenge. I'm supposed to: 
  • Thank the blog that tag me. Thanks Not-Allison! (By the way, jump over to DZ's Adventures and check out Dante and Ziva, two of the most beautiful pit bulls on the net. They always make me smile.)
  • Link back to the challenge's creator, Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet.
  • Spread the happiness and tag other bloggers to share their eight photos. For that, I've chosen a few of my favorite blogs. (I hope you'll check them out as well.)
Let's Go Dog -- I love watching Leah and her dogs, Zack and Zoe, live the adventures I am too chicken go for (for now). I want to be her when I grow up. And I don't care what Zack says, that RV is awesome!

Puppy Leaks -- LOVE this blog. It's chock full of level-headed info. I always leave with something to think about. Check it out. FYI, grab a cup of coffee, you'll be there a while.

Walks With Rama -- Another fun blog from a fellow Florida girl. I love following the adventures of an active mom and her gorgeous Cane Corsos. And honestly, if you want to see photos of happiness, just take a look at her puppy pictures. I dare you not to squeal.

Anyway, if the blogs above want to play along then they will do the same: share eight happy pictures, link back to me and Ariel, then tag other blogs to keep the smiles coming. I can't wait to see the photos they chose! (By the way, the rules say that the pictures can be of anything -- not just pets -- and you don't have to explain why you chose them. I'm just odd that way. Big shock, I know.)

To be honest, there are another dozen+ blogs that I would love to share, and feel like a heel not including them too. Fortunately they're all phenomenal blogs and I'm sure someone else will tag them soon. Goggle+ and FB friends, I'll be sure to forward those when I see them. -- K

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