Monday, March 7, 2016

Awww...Jedi's Thinking Face

True story: Jedi can't think with his mouth open! It's funny. He'll be calm and relaxed, looking something like this:

Resting face

Then we'll ask him "Where's your ball?" or say a word he recognizes like "squirrel." He'll immediately close his mouth and give us his thinking face.

Thinking face

Once Jedi has processed what was said he'll usually return to his happy self. If certain high value words like "Outside" and "Cookie" are said, his ears will stand straight up and he'll jump to his feet -- sometimes knocking me over in the process. Those words are usually s-p-e-l-l-e-d.

Resting face -- again

However, If we say something that Jedi finds unpleasant like "Bad trash" or "Clean your ears" we're more likely to get a response like this:

Classic avoidance "I don't want to" face

Try this at home! See if your dog has a thinking face too. I don't normally advocate animal experimentation, but this is harmless fun. It may even help you better understand your dog. Think of it as inter-species communication development. Make sure you have handful of yummy treats when doing this -- you want your dog to has fun too.

It's Awww...Monday. Sandee from Comedy Plus hosts this weekly hop so that we can help you start your week with a smile. Did Jedi make you smile? I hope so. Click around below and see who else can elicit a grin today. -- K

P.S. I want to give a big Thank You to Tracy from Furrie Fotographie for the pictures. These are just a couple she snapped while we were chatting. Check out her website to see the gorgeous pictures she takes when she's actually trying.

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