Monday, March 28, 2016


Jedi was feeling bad this weekend. He was fine at the Easter egg hunt, but that night he became whiny and clingy. Even worse, he kept us up all night -- both nights. So this morning I took him to the vet first thing.

I described the symptoms to Dr. Hansen who promptly gave Jedi the finger. Yep, right up the poop chute. Jedi was not happy. (Long story short: he has an enlarged prostate. We have medication for it and he should be fine soon.) Jedi was a good boy during the exam. To make up for the violation he endured, I took him to his favorite place for a plain junior cheeseburger and a large water, no ice. Suddenly, everything was better. Aren't dogs great?

It's Awww...Monday, where a group of bloggers get together and share things that make you say "Awww" and start your week with a smile. Thanks Sandee over at Comedy Plus for hosting this. Hop around below and see what others are sharing today. -- K

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