Saturday, March 26, 2016

Silly Easter

This year Jedi, Hubby and I went across the St. Johns river to visit the Easter Bunny while simultaneously supporting homeless animals. Friends of Clay County Animals is a non-profit organization that supports the Clay County Animal Shelter. "Through fundraising and public education, FOCCA is able to assist with medical care, enrich the shelter environment, promote adoptions, and reduce euthanasia." One of their major fundraisers the annual Doggone Easter Egg Hunt. There's a park next to the Orange Park City Hall where hundreds of treat-filled plastic Easter eggs were poorly hidden. At 12:30 dogs and owners were released into the park to gather eggs with one rule: an egg could only be picked up if a dog touched it with his nose. Dogs and people had a blast, despite the ugly weather. Hubby took pictures.

We waited patiently for the signal. BTW, that's Jedi's mother next to us.

It took a few minutes for the dogs to get into it. See all the missed eggs?

Jedi "found" quite a few, earning his Official Easter Egg Hunter bandanna.

Jessica over at Beagles and Bargains has a fun post on how to make your own doggie Easter egg hunt. Check it out! And if anybody gives you grief (i.e. non-dog friends) tell them that it's a "holiday themed enrichment exercise tapping into the dog's primal instincts, specifically his prey drive and sense of smell." Let them argue with that!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday with friends and family. I'm working. *sigh* I always work Sundays, and there's been a few reports of giant rabbits hopping at large, so . . . lol. Later, -- K