Monday, April 18, 2016

Awww...Beach Day!

We had a nor'easter blow through last week and we were afraid that this year's Beach Day BBQ would be rained out. Two days before the event I had a dozen people email, text and PM me asking if we were going to cancel. I sent out the following:
Our annual Beach Day BBQ is scheduled for this Saturday -- two days from today. Yes, today is kind of ugly. It may or may not be ugly on Saturday. However, we're going to hope for the best and have our Beach Day anyway. We're not changing the date because:
    • Saturday pavilion reservations are hard to get. We reserved this spot 3 months ago and our fee is non-refundable.
    • Weather changes constantly here in North Florida. There's always a chance that Saturday will be gorgeous.
    • German shepherds are hearty dogs. They won't melt in the rain nor will they blow away in the wind. German shepherd people aren't wusses either.
So, gather up your dogs and come on out to Hanna Park on Saturday. We'll have a great time regardless of the weather.
Well, I'm glad we didn't cancel. It was windy and a little chilly, but the sky was clear and bright blue. 19 dogs and about 30 people showed up. We had a lot of fun and way too much food. Here are a few pictures (NOT taken by me):

Group photo. Yes there are non-shepherds in the club too!

Chance, one of the many rescues in the club.

Tundra found a shell!

Jaxx, our youngest member, is just too freakin' cute!

Some dogs love the ocean . . .

but mine do not.

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