Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Piss On, Piss Off

Jedi has gotten really bad with his marking lately. He even peed at training class. Inside the building! I was mortified. As an apology, Jedi gave this to our trainer, complete with a big red bow!

OK, truth be told, Jedi doesn't care about the Nature's Miracle (which really is awesome, BTW). However, he will care if he doesn't quit. Why? Because the next step is this:

Yep, I went there. Maybe peeing on himself a couple times will break him of marking whenever he feels like it. You see, not only is it a bad habit, but if he pees on the course during competition we're automatically disqualified -- regardless of how much I paid to enter or how far we drove to compete. I know! I'm desperate! Does anybody have any ideas, suggestions or experiences with this? Please share!

Anyway, it's Wordless Wednesday and you're probably thinking I've used too many words already (as in "Did she really have to talk about pee? EEEWWW.") Click around below and see what others are sharing. I'm sure you can find something less . . . eeewww. TTFN, -- K