Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wish You Were Here

I work 10 hour days, Sunday through Wednesday. By the time Wednesday rolls around I am spent. This week has been especially busy. It didn't help that my last two weekends have been filled with Dog Club stuff, forcing me to squeeze in all my regular errands after work. 5:00 came way too early this morning. With a little grumbling and a lot of coffee I made it to work on time. Two hours later Hubby sent me a picture of Jedi curled up in my bed and I became tired all over again. (Here's the pic ran through SuperPhoto.)

Lucky for me, tomorrow is Thursday -- my day to relax. However, my calendar says otherwise. I have training in the morning, a standing lunch date with my son, a retirement ceremony in the afternoon and a dog club meeting in the evening. Dammit, I'm already tired.

It's Wordless Wednesday and apparently I'm not too tired to use a bunch of words! Click around below and see what others are shrining today. -- K

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