Thursday, September 1, 2016

Do We Nose Enough?

An interior search
I spent most of the morning reading UKC and NACSW regulations, combing through training club webpages and filling out entry forms. October is full of nosework tests and trials -- and it's just around the corner. Eeeek.

There are two weekends of UKC Nosework trials. The good news is that the two clubs hosting the trials have coordinated on what they're doing. If we do well we can walk away with some titles. The bad news is that the UKC is a lackadaisical when it comes to sharing information and procedures. This is not comforting to those of us who prefer structure and itineraries. Anyway, here's what I've got:

Nosework & Rally Club of North Florida
  • Ocala, October 15-16
  • All Pre-trial scents available for testing. Jedi only has first two (birch and anise). I'd like to pick up the other three while I can.
  • Saturday there are vehicles searches, both AM & PM
  • Sunday there are exterior searches, both AM & PM
  • Prices are higher by $5 a trial. All in all, I'm looking at $110 for the weekend, and that's with the pre-entry prices
  • Those damn boxes (a pre-trial test)
  • And we're going to need a hotel for the weekend

Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg, October 22-23
  • No Pre-trial scents available
  • Saturday there's a containers in the AM and an interior PM
  • Sunday there's a containers in the AM and an interior PM
  • We're looking at another $60 for this weekend, again with the cheaper, pre-entry prices
  • And we're going to need a hotel for the weekend

The odor is in the folder on the table
I’ve never gotten a premium from the St. Pete club, though I’ve requested one three times. I made up an entry form from the one the Ocala club had. I got all the information from the UKC site. (Horray for Wite-Out and a printer/copier!) I guess the guys at St. Pete will figure it out if they want to cash my check. I hope back-to-back weekends aren't too much for Jedi. I'm sure Work won't be thrilled.

AND if that's not complicated enough, on October 2nd we have the opportunity to retake the NACSW ORT that we bombed last January. This is the first ORT I've seen offered in Florida or Georgia since our attempt in West Palm nine months ago.
  • The good news: the test is in Gainesville, an hour and a half away. No hotel stay required!
  • The bad news: it's on a Sunday, my regular work day and I'm already asking for two Sundays off in October. Also, it's another $35 and I 'll have to renew my NACSW membership (another $20).
I'm still debating this one. A friend is going with two of her dogs. She says there's room in her van for me and Jedi so we could share travel expenses. Truth is, I'll probably go. I'm just trying to be responsible after all the money and personal leave I spent on last month's vacation. Sometimes I overthink things. (OK, most times. No, always. I always overthink things. There, I said it.)

The odor is on the wall behind the blue banner
Anyway, I need to cut this short. I've got some thinking to do and some checks to write. Dog sports aren't cheap. You know, life would be a whole easier if I were independently wealthy. This working full time thing really gets in the way of my dogs. And it doesn't seem to fund as much as I'd like either. I saw a meme that said:
I need to win the lottery so I can be a stay-at-home dog mom. Is that too much to ask?
I'll keep you posted on our journey -- with pictures, of course. Meanwhile, please think happy thoughts for me and Jedi. Lord knows we can use them! Later, -- K

P.S. If you happen to be in Gainesville, Ocala or St. Petersburg and want to me up, let me know. We'd love to meet online friends IRL (that's "In Real Life" -- according to my kids.) 

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