Friday, September 2, 2016

Hermine Blows

Hermine not all that the news had hoped for predicted
It's wet and windy outside as Hurricane (now tropical storm) Hermine blows by. Thanks for all the well wishes from out-of-state friends. We're fine. Hubby and I are both off today. We're just going to chill at home with the dogs. I've got a roast in the crock pot and we plan on spending the day catching up on The Walking Dead on Netflix (we're still on season 4 -- I know!)

I'm disgusted by regular TV. The new anchors actually seem heartbroken that there wasn't more damage, no death or large scale destruction for them to report with twinkles in their eyes. They're making the most out of every flooded road and downed tree that they can. It's been a decade since we had a hurricane hit the area and I guess the lack of carnage is difficult for parasitic organizations that thrive on chaos. (WOW, Kelley's feeling a bit bitchy today!)

Anyway, I'll get back to blogging soon. Promise. Until then, here is Jedi braving the storm. The picture was taken this morning. See, even he's not that impressed by the storm. Later, -- K

Jedi says he's not impressed with the weather forecast -- now please throw the ball

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