Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fenzi Failure

Several months ago I mentioned that I had signed up for a Fenzi Dog Sports Academy online class. I was very excited because the instructor, Sue Ailsby, has written many articles that I really enjoyed. Long story short: it was a bust for me.
  • The timing was bad for me. My partner at work quit just as the busy summer season was starting AND I was tying to plan a trip to California for the entire family.
  • The format wasn't good for me either. It was very fast paced and the $65 bronze level doesn't allow interaction with the instructor. (I can't afford the several hundred dollar class that does!)
  • I do much better with the feedback and accountability associated with a traditional class.

I love this book!
I have access to the lessons for the next year, so I can (in theory) work at my own pace. However, I get distracted and can easily become overwhelmed. I need someone (lovingly) riding my ass. *sigh*

I'm not giving up yet. I still want try Rally. Beginner Novice looks "doable" but we'll need help getting there. I had planned on taking Rally classes with Trainer once the nosework trials were over, but after last week's news (she's leaving!) I'll have to come up with a Plan B. I'm still trying to find a way to get my Dog Club's weekly training meetings reestablished -- that would help -- but I've shared how slowly that's moving. Any ideas?

Anyway, I've got enough to worry about for now. We have three nosework events in October. We're also looking at an IABCA conformation show in November. I'm excited. And a tiny bit terrified. I'll keep you posted. Later, -- K

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