Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Love My Trainer

It's Thursday, so that means nosework training. Jedi and I have been training at the same place since January. It's the highlight of my week. And with all the nosework trials next month we're really stepping it up. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

We would have never gotten to this point without the encouragement and direction of our trainer. We started taking classes with her because the location was convenient. It's a five minute drive from my house and she had a daytime class. I've stayed with her for nine months because she's absolutely incredible. She has a knack for reading dogs. There are three German shepherds in our class and each one is different. Trainer will set up a scenario and say "I predict that Jedi will do this, Tundra will do that, and Ayko will do something completely different." Funny thing, she's usually right.

Trainer has the ability to tailor instruction to each dog so that he will succeed. It's amazing to watch. Some dogs pick up new things faster than others, and sometimes that makes owners me feel bad. Not Trainer, she actually enjoys coming at a problem from a different angle so that a dog will get the concept. I love my trainer!

So, you can imagine my surprise when Trainer told us today that she has to close the business. She's moving and taking a "real job." I can't begin to describe how depressed I am right now. I don't know if we'll ever find somebody able to fill her shoes. I just want to cry!

For now we're going to keep training. I want us to do well at the trials next month -- it would make her proud. But after the holidays we'll have to figure out something. I'd hate to lose momentum. And crazy as it may sound, I love getting together with friends and working our dogs. I don't want to lose it. Any ideas? -- K

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