Friday, September 9, 2016

Nosework Update

Waiting for his turn at nosework class
A couple weeks ago I shared our nosework dilemma. [Abbreviated version -- Five days of nosework trials in October; Not sure if I can afford the money/time off right now; I'm a big fat chicken.] Well, yesterday I swallowed my anxiety, submitted my leave requests and wrote a bunch of checks. Jedi and I are going to take advantage of every available opportunity. I keep telling myself that this is why we've been training for the last nine months.

I felt a little better after class this week. Because of the storm and various scheduling conflicts, we haven't had nosework class in three weeks. And true to form, I didn't practice in between classes. However, Jedi found the odors like a pro this week. No cataloging, no pussyfooting around. He got a whiff and went straight to the source. Good boy Jedi!

Starting next week, we're switching things around at class. We're going to different locations and will concentrate on vehicles and exterior searches. Hopefully this will help prepare us for the upcoming trials. (And maybe provide some nice pics for the blog.) Ideally I'll throw in a few extra practices too. If everything goes right we could end the year with a nosework title. Wish us luck! -- K

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