Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Finds #5

Welcome back to Friday Finds. Roxy and I have found some goodies for you this week!

Let's start with veterinary care. Truth is, finding a knowledgeable, affordable and trustworthy veterinarian isn't easy. I had a rough time switching vets this year. It's very important to find someone you feel comfortable with. But have you ever wondered how your veterinarian feels about you? VetStreet shares 7 Things Pet Owners Do That Drive Veterinarians Crazy. Take a look, and adjust your behavior as required!

I know I talk about Go Pet Friendly ALL the time. It's one of my favorite blogs. Truth is, I want to be Amy when I grow up, travelling the country with my dogs in a Winnebago blogging all about it. (Seriously, who wouldn't want that?) Until then, I can only take small trips and dream big. Truth is, even short trips with dogs can be a bit hectic. Go Pet Friendly has an article entitled Preparing & Packing for a Pet Friendly Road Trip to make things a bit easier.

Another one of my favorite blogs comes from Dr. Sophia Yin. Her blog is just full of medical and behavioral info, along with some great videos. I can -- and do -- get lost in her blog for hours at a time. Her latest post Dog Bites: What To Do When You’re Attacked is something everybody should know. Nobody wants to get bitten, but it happens  -- and it happens a lot in my profession! -- so you might as well prepare yourself.

I recently stumbled upon a new (to me) blog called My Kid Has Paws. I'm really enjoying this blog and hope you'll check it out as well. The author has a new(ish) segment called Medical Mondays -- It's kinda like my Friday Finds but more intelligent! The post that really made me sit up and pay attention was about Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), a spinal cord condition that affects many German shepherds (and apparently corgis too). Fortunately, researchers and responsible breeders are trying very hard to eliminate this.

Does your dog seem to know when it's time to eat, take a walk or go to bed? Isn't it uncanny how he knows when you're coming home? Here's a fascinating article about how dogs tell time: What's Up With That: Why Does Your Dog Seem to Know What Time It Is?

And finally, will someone please take away my debit card?! I keep finding -- and buying -- dog-themed T-shirts. Here is my latest one. From Canada. (Yeah, they'll take my money too.) If you're interested you can find the order form here.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Finds. I'll meet you back here next week! -- K