Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Finds #7

It's Friday! It's been a busy week so I haven't had much time to read. But don't worry, I still found a few goodies to share.

I really enjoyed reading 5 A Week: Essential Exercises for Every Dog from Dog Tread. I need a better shape -- I'm tired of "round." Jedi could use some muscle building too. Maybe focusing on him will make it easier for me to slim down. What I really need is a big, ugly drill sergeant, but . . .

Have you seen Failing to Give Your Pet an ID Tag Could Become One of Your Biggest Regrets? Granted, the title doesn't exactly roll off your tongue, but the post is full of great tips on pets and various forms of ID. Who knew there were this many options? Thanks to Slim Doggy for sharing this. Seriously, I get a lot of good stuff via Slim Doggy.

Here's an interesting quiz: How Fluent Are You in Dog-Speak? There are 19 pictures of dogs with multiple choice answers. You're mission is to figure what the dog is trying to communicate. It's harder than I thought. I missed two and guessed a couple more. How well did you do?

I spent waaaay too much time with Confessions of a (Not) Crazy Cat Lady. I laughed so hard I may have peed a little. TMI? I know this is Kelley's Dog Blog, but who couldn't use a little Feline Fun once in a while? Besides, all her cats have Harry Potter names. And I love Harry Potter almost as much as I love Star Wars.

And finally, this meme had me rolling. Every kid needs a canine partner in crime. I had Eli, and he was great. Thirty years later the family still has "Good Old Eli" stories.

I hope you enjoyed today's treasures. Did you think? Did you learn? Did you laugh? Good! See you here next week. -- K