Thursday, August 14, 2014

You Do What?

I posted this picture on Facebook last week with the following: "I was digging through my purse for a brush and found these. Does anyone else carry training treats in their purse, or is it just me?" The responses showed me who my dog friends were (one replied "at least yours are in the package") and who weren't (I got several "uh, just you" responses).

This got me thinking. What other things do I say and do that non-animal/animal control people might think odd?
  • A friend texted me on Monday asking how I was doing. I texted back "It's noon and I don't smell like cat pee. Good Day!" Probably odd if you didn't know what happened 24 hours earlier.
  • On Sunday I posted "I smell like feral cat pee. Why am I in this predicament? Because a woman decided to trap a cat on my day off. Then she felt sorry for it and let it out on her enclosed patio, so I had to grab it with a catch pole. Pissed kitty jumped, and flailed, and sprayed everywhere while on the end of my pole and some of it got on me. My only consolation is that the woman's patio smells 100 times worse than I do."
  • I actually picked a flea off of my new partner. Neither of us were grossed out about it.
  • I have the numbers for twelve different veterinarians in my phone. I also have the numbers for three microchip registries and a pet crematorium.
  • I found two unused poop bags in the washing machine after washing my pants (I must have had them stuffed in a pocket). I was upset because they were the extra large, thick ones that I really like.
  • A friend posted a picture on Facebook of her son playing at the park. All the comments were "He's so big" or "He's so cute." Except mine. I asked why her dog was off-leash.
  • I have stainless steel water bowls tucked under the front seat of each car -- just in case.   
You can have too many leashes?
I visited a non-dog friend at work. She noticed that Jedi had a different leash from the time before and asked how many leashes I had. I said about 15 and she thought it was excessive. I explained that there were two 5-foot nylon leashes in each car, three or four more in the house, a couple rope slip leads, a 20-foot long line, one braided reflective leash for night walking, a bungee leash for hiking, a 42" leather leash for obedience training, and two 6-foot, 1/2 inch leashes for the conformation ring. I asked her how many pairs of shoes she had. She said about 20. She didn't understand my confusion. Seriously, who needs that many shoes?

  • Apparently I unconscientiously spot -- and comment about -- unneutered dogs while driving. My kids have said "Mom, stop looking at dog balls!" on more than one occasion. 

What kind of weird things do you say or do without thinking? Please share. I won't judge you! -- K

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