Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weird Dog Terms

Jedi's side gait.
It's Training Tips Tuesday. I'm sure that the other hop participants have got great tips. I don't have tips, just tribulations! As I've mentioned before, I'm trying (poorly) to show Jedi. It's not easy. I'm still trying to teach him to stack (stand properly). And we're still working on trotting at the right speed.
Showing dogs is a lot harder than it looks on TV. And to make things worse, there is an entire lingo that goes with it. Things like: it's a "lead" not a leash. And "dog" only refers to males; your female dog is a "bitch." Sometimes I feel like such an outsider. I'm learning though. And sharing, so the next newbie doesn't feel as awkward as I do. Below are 26 terms just for movement and anatomy.

Bandy-Legged -- Wide, bow-legged rear

Cat Foot -- Short, round feet

Crabbing -- Side winding gait

Croup -- Lower spinal region containing back of pelvis and root of the tail

Drive -- Strong thrust from the hind quarters

Easty-Westy -- Feet turn outward, pointing away from each other

Flews -- Upper lips

Hackney -- High-stepping front movement

Hare Foot -- Long, narrow feet

Hock -- Bones that form the joint between the knee and the toes

Loin -- Area between last rib and beginning of pelvis

Lumbering -- Heavy, ungainly gait

Occiput -- Highest point at the back of the head

Pacing -- Moving both legs on same side in unison

Pastern -- Area between dog’s paws and lower leg

Pigeon-Toed -- Feet point toward each other

Rangy -- Long-bodied with a shallow chest

Reach -- Length of forward stride

Roach Back -- An over arched, convex topline

Side Gait -- Dog's movement as seen from the side

Splay Foot -- Toes that are not close together

Stifle -- Curved area of rear leg containing thigh and knee

Stop -- The point on a dog’s head where the skull and muzzle meet

Swayback -- A sunken, concave topline

Trotting -- Moving diagonal legs in unison

Withers -- Point where shoulder blades meet (and where actual height of dog is measured)

Do you feel any smarter? Have you heard any of these terms before? Are there others you know that I don't? Let me know!

Like I said, it's Training Tips Tuesday. Hop around and see what you can learn today! -- K

P.S. Want to learn more weird dog show terms? Check out this post from the American Kennel Club.