Monday, August 11, 2014

That's A Mazee!

I like Planet Dog toys. They're fun and well made. But they're also pricy and hard to find in my area. I could only get them online -- until now! I found a place at the beach that sells them and I am thrilled.
I saw the Orbee-Tuff Mazee on Amazon and it's been sitting on my wish list for months. Salty Paws Healthy Pet Market had three available last week so I grabbed one for Jedi.
This is yet another puzzle food toy. It's a five inch ball with a hole on top. Inside is a plastic maze. You put food inside and shake it to the bottom. It'll hold at least two cups of dry dog food. As your dog rolls the toy across the floor, food tumbles through the maze and comes out of the hole. I was surprised to discover that the outer ball is not hard plastic. It's actually rubbery and quite pliable, making it bouncy and slightly harder to roll. The puzzle inside is rigid so the toy keeps its shape. And like all the other Orbee-Tuff toys, it has a pleasant minty smell -- not that awful rubber smell that you find on most dog toys.
Jedi figured this one out pretty quickly. I stuffed the ball full of his regular kibble. He enjoyed pushing the ball around more than eating the food. He batted it up and down the hallway, emptying it in less than five minutes. Roxy ignored the ball but ate everything that Jedi left behind. Next time I'll try odd shaped biscuits (like in the picture) to see if Jedi slows down.
We use puzzle toys a lot when it's hot and/or wet outside. We have 5 or 6 of them. They help keep Jedi's mind busy. Trust me, nobody is happy when Jedi gets bored! Poor old Roxy gets annoyed by his insistence to play. Grumpy old Gucci scratches Jedi's face when he gets too "curious" about the cat. The humans can only take so much whining and pacing. And somewhere in the mix, electronic items get eaten. (Don't make me tell the cell phone and Nintendo DS stories again.) Jedi's boredom may make for more interesting Monday Mischief posts, but . . . no.

Do you use puzzle toys? Which puzzle toys does your dog like? -- K

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