Monday, August 4, 2014

Jedi's Bath

It's bath time for Jedi! You would think that bathing an 85 pound, double coated dog would be difficult. Lucky for me, Jedi is pretty cooperative. And with the right tools, it's not bad at all. I start by breaking out the grooming table. It's 24" tall and 42" wide -- low enough for me to reach his back without bending over and long enough for him to stand comfortably. Jedi jumps on and off the table willingly. He thinks it's a game.

I run the rake through his coat to pull out any loose hairs. We end up with a Chihuahua-sized fur ball. I'm glad we're doing this outside.

I wash Jedi right on the table which saves my back. I use a Pocket Hose and adjustable hose end nozzle to wet him down. Then I soap him up really good, massaging the shampoo all the way to the skin.

See Roxy lurking in the background? Roxy HATES baths, but loves the hose. She stays close by when I'm rinsing Jedi off . . .

 . . . so that she can bite at the water that misses Jedi's belly. She's having a blast, oblivious to Jedi's displeasure. (BTW, Jedi can lay it on thick when he wants to.)

When all the soap is gone I tell Jedi to shake it off. That dog can shake! I don't know why I wear the apron, I always get soaked.

I have Jedi jump off the table so I can wipe it off and move it to a dry spot on the patio. He then jumps back on and I use a forced air dryer to blow him dry. This thing is awesome! It gets all the way to the skin, blowing water and hair everywhere. (Again, I'm glad we're doing this outside!) I can have Jedi completely dry in less than 30 minutes.

You will never see pictures of Roxy getting a bath. She hates the table, so we have to use a kiddie pool. It takes at least two people to bathe her, because if someone doesn't have a firm grip on her she's running down the yard. And she hates the dryer. We soak up what we can with towels and then let her air dry. It takes hours.

It's Monday. Hop around and see what kind of mischief others are getting into. I bet some of them will need baths afterwards! -- K