Monday, February 8, 2016

Awww...Double Take

We were in Jacksonville Beach last weekend. It was 40 degrees outside and we saw this weird woman in a bikini, two blocks from the beach. When we got up closer we realized she and her companion were life-size statues! Hubby and I thought it would be funny to get Jedi's picture with them. Jedi wasn't so sure.

Jedi says "They don't smell like people."

But with a little coaxing we were able to get him to sit on the surfboard. Isn't he cute?

Hang 10? Jedi can hang 20!

Once again it's Awww...Monday. We're a bunch of bloggers try to help you start your week with a smile. Did Jedi make you say "Awww?" If not, click around below and see if someone else can. Happy Monday! -- K

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