Monday, February 1, 2016

Awww...Not A Dog Story?

You'll want to sit down -- today I'm NOT sharing a dog story. I know!

I have a friend who is a Groupon fiend. (Personally, I can never find a damn thing. I don't know what she's doing differently.) She saw an offer for 60% off horseback riding on the beach and told me that we're going. I was doped up on cold meds but went anyway. It couldn't have been a nicer day.

I was trying to hold on to my horse while taking pictures so most of them aren't fit for sharing. This one, however, turned out pretty good, don't you think? By the way, see the teeny tiny blue house on the horizon? That belongs to one of my favorite authors, John Grisham.

This artistic picture was taken by my friend. He's obviously more talented -- and better balanced -- than I am.

This last picture is of the group I went with. By the way, the tour company made us wear those dorky helmets "for insurance purposes." (I know that was code for "We don't want you fat, uncoordinated city folk suing us when you fall off the horse.")

And once again, it's Awww...Monday. This is where a bunch of bloggers get together and try to brighten your day. So start your weekend with a smile and click around below. See if someone else can make you say "Awww" today. TTFN, -- K

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