Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fur Real This Time

For several years I've said that I wanted to do the Chariots of Fur 5K. I first mentioned it in 2013. I had originally planned on walking it in February of 2014, but was sidelined by a bout of pneumonia. Last year I was just too fat and unhappy to think about it -- then I regretted not doing it for the rest of the year. Last November I saw this ad and said "We're doing it for real this time." I found a 5K walking plan, put on my Fitbit and stepped off determined. Well . . . yeah. By December I had ditched the plan. To be honest, I haven't seen my Fitbit in a month. But instead of flaking out -- again -- I signed us up to do the 1 Mile Fun Run instead. (I still got a t-shirt and all the other goodies. Jedi got nothing but a day at the beach.) I haven't said anything before now because I didn't want to jinx it. And I really thought last week's cold was going to stop me again but . . .

We did it!!

It was cold and windy. I dressed in layers. I was still congested from the nasty cold. I doped up on Dayquil, stuffed my pockets with Kleenex and put on my big girl panties.

I was worried that Jedi would be an ass around all those dogs. I worried for nothing. Jedi had a ball on the beach. He was excited and kept trying to get me to go faster. I trotted more than I wanted to and he pulled me to the finish line. My butt muscles are still sore. Apparently running/walking on sand is different from running/walking around the track (so say my glutes and ankles).

I don't have any pictures of us (I know!) but here's of the race taken by my friend from Furrie Fotographie. She was on the roof of the hotel. And I thought I was cold!

I'm in here somewhere!
There were half a dozen photographers out there taking pictures. Surely one of me and Jedi on the beach will turn up sometime. And when it does, I'll post it here. I am so jazzed that I want to do the full 5K next year! Who wants to join me? -- K

P.S. I found my Fitbit!

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