Monday, February 29, 2016

St. Augustine Dog Walk

What happens when a German shepherd dog club and a German shepherd dog rescue decide to host a dog walk in historic St. Augustine? We wanted to find out! I found an event free weekend downtown. Another club member created this snazzy flyer and set up a FB event. Both groups promoted the walk for a month.
This was the result:

Our feeble attempt at a group photo.

The dogs just keep coming . . .

And coming . . .

And coming!

We ended at a park to socialize and take more pictures.

It was a beautiful spring day. We had about 50 dogs show up -- and no negative incidents! All the dogs were on their best behavior. We saw old friends, made new friends and gushed over all the gorgeous pups. One club member took beautiful family photos. Here's ours:

I LOVE this dog!

Then everybody broke into small groups to do some sight seeing and enjoyed the dog-friendly restaurants. What a great day!

All those smells just wore Jedi out.

It's Awww...Monday. Start your week off with a smile! I hope all these beautiful German shepherds make you smile. It made me absolutely giddy! However, a cop friend of mine said the thought of 50 GSDs in one place was terrifying. (Yes, he actually said "terrifying.") If you're like Officer Weenie, no problem. Click around and see if one of the other posts below does the trick. Happy Monday! -- K

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