Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Guess Who's Reading My Blog

I use Blogger to publish my blog. It's free and easy to use for computer-challenged bloggers like myself. One interesting features is statistics function. It's fun to see how the blog is being viewed. Blogger will tell me how many hits I get in a day, week, month and since day one. Blogger will also break the stats down by post and the viewer's country of origin. Sounds great, but I think the data is skewed. Take a look at this month's numbers:

Who are all these Russians looking at my blog? And what are they looking for? Do they read my posts in English? As of today I've posted 596 times. Thanks to my Russian readers, these are my top three most viewed posts:

#1: She Did WHAT?! -- My attempt at dog shaming after Roxy pooped in Petsmart. It didn't work. Apparently Roxy has no shame. (10/4/2012)

#2: Jedi Plays Spin the Bottle -- I saw a video on Facebook of a dog playing with an unusual bottle toy. I sent the video to my Handyman friend and asked if he could make one for Jedi. (7/21/2014)

#3: DIY Cavaletti -- My Dollar Store creation to help teach Jedi to pick up his back feet. (11/4/2014)

So, why these posts? I have posted some good things on showing dogs for beginners, have some funny work stories and even some very popular rants. Why not one of those posts? I guess Russians just prefer pooping in Petsmart. Who knew?


It's (not so) Wordless Wednesday. But in all fairness, I'm still a bit speechless thinking about my random Russian audience. Anyway, hop around below and see what others have to share today. I'm sure not everybody is posting about Russians and pooping. -- K