Monday, December 3, 2018


There was a photographer at the Fun Match last month. She took these photos of Trooper and I absolutely love them! (So much so that I paid for them so I could share with you.)

Those toys next to him were completely demolished within two weeks. Trooper is rough on toys. He really enjoys ripping them apart. In fact, the duck's eyeballs were ripped off before sundown. It was a bit distressing.

It's hard for me to remember that this handsome fella is still just a pup. At 9 months he has a beautiful big boy body, yet his little boy brain hasn't caught up. New people are still scary and his attention span is teeny tiny. His hormones are kicking in but he's not sure what to do with them. Like most adolescents, sometimes he makes bad choices. (TBH, I needed to replace the carpet anyway. I was hoping to keep the couch for a few more years though.)

Hubby complains. Then I pull up the blog posts from when Jedi was this age. Guess what? He was frustrating too. He destroyed my cell phone, my son's Nintendo DS, my reading glasses and so much more.

If history predicts the future, then we have a few more months of teenage destruction. Sigh. Good thing I love this goofy dog!! -- K

P.S. I sound like a broken record, but if the puppy were better supervised this could be avoided.

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