Saturday, December 15, 2018

True Story

The police dispatcher has Amazon Prime and occasionally orders things for me. (Hooray for free next day shipping!) Last week my boss overheard her tell me "Amazon just sent me a text. Your package has been delivered." Being nosy a police commander, Boss had to butt in. This was the conversation:

BOSS: What package?

ME: She ordered something for me from Amazon. It's not work related.

BOSS: What is it?

ME: [Pausing for effect] Do you really want to know?

BOSS: Yes, tell me.

ME: She ordered holiday scarves for my dogs to wear when they get their picture taken with Santa this weekend.

BOSS: Oh. My. God.

DISPATCHER: You asked!!

In all fairness, Boss has known me for 12 years. She's well aware that I use my personal leave for dog shows. She knew that I took three weeks vacation when I brought home Jedi, and even attended the puppy shower. She approved the week's leave I took to go to the Westminster Dog Show last February. If Boss was even remotely surprised by my answer, then maybe she's not the detective she thinks she is!

With that being said, here's the picture -- holiday scarves and all.

Aren't they cute? Catch you later, -- K

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